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Whether I am going to be third wheeling with you and your love on your wedding day, or if you’ll be stripping down to your favorite lacy intimates (or lack thereof) for a Self Love Boudoir session, it is so important that we get to know each other to make sure we will be a good fit. I’ll go first…

My name is Morgan Joanne Fatjo (fah-zhoh, not fat joe. I know, I know). I love my sweet family, which consists of my highschool sweetheart Anthony, my darling kitten Julep, and my floof of a pup Winston (named after New Girl’s Winston Bishop of course). We live in the wonderfully small town of Lititz, Pennsylvania, although we dream constantly of traveling and seeing new places. I am an awko taco who loves Taco Bell, and put pretty much any glass of wine in front of me and I am one happy lady.

About a year ago my heart started feeling this push to start doing boudoir sessions. I ignored it at first, thinking people where I live are too conservation to be okay with me doing that. I thought no one would show interest, that I would lose followers, and that it would be awkward. But then when I finally just said fug it, I asked if anyone would be interested and the response was pretty overwhelming (in the BEST way). Boudoir, which I have now rebranded to Self Love Boudoir, has been the absolutely best thing. Not only is it beyond rewarding empowering women, but it also gave me a whole new heart for everyone I photograph.

My mission is making sure that EVERYONE who steps in front of my camera (or really anyone who comes in contact with me) – brides and grooms, boudoir babes, families of all shapes and sizes – feel CARED FOR, COMFORTABLE, and CONFIDENT.  


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"I like being weird."


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First, we can take a moment and both do a happy dance because YAY I am so excited to work with you! Okay okay now down to business. Once we decide on your package, date, and time, then I will email over a contract for you. I do ask that you read it over so that we can be on the same page before you sign. Then if all checks out, you can easy peasy sign it electronically. I do ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit in order to hold your date and time, which can be paid however is easiest for you — Paypal, Venmo, mailed check, OR I can send over an electronic invoice to have you pay online with a credit card, BUT I do have to charge 3% for that. After that we are set! We can chat leading up to your session or wedding whenever you have Q’s for me of course! I love helping you through every process!


This varies package to package, but for the most part I take about two weeks for full sessions and six weeks for weddings. I understand there are certain times where you may want your photos faster, in which case if you let me know ahead of time! I will put more time aside to get your photos to you faster if it is possible. There may be an additional fee depending on the situation.


I am a firm believer in body-positivity and loving the skin you are in. I do edit out things like acne, bruises, cuts, and things that are not always there unless you tell me you would not like them to be edited out. If there is something you would like me to keep in mind while photographing you however, let me know and I will definitely do my best to remember it while posing you! 


Really, whatever you feel best in! Don’t wear something that you are uncomfortable in or that doesn’t feel you. I can absolutely help when it comes to coordinating outfits with the location we will be shooting in, and I also recommend checking out Pinterest and Instagram to see what maybe other people have worn at shoots and see what you like! Always feel free to ask me if you need a little inspiration.

I also have a blog post for Self Love Boudoir Sessions and what to wear because that is DEFINITELY my most asked question. You can check that out here (:


Not much, because I honestly don’t love them! It takes a bit of time for people to ease up and feel comfortable in front of the camera. For myself, I like getting into a flow with each individual person. I feel like neither of us are given enough time for that during mini-sessions. However there are certain seasons like Christmas card season where its the perfect excuse to have a smaller session, and I also understand that some people quite simply don’t have the means to go all out and do a full session. So keep an eye on my Instagram page (turn on those post notifications to ensure you don’t miss any special offers!) or like my Facebook page because I do throw out some specials here and there and sometimes even offer free last minute sessions when I have a free day!


Stop asking this question. The answer is PLEASE! As long as the location allows for it, please please please bring all the fur children!


I am located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, but I love traveling to Philly, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, etc etc etc. Always feel free to reach out and see if I am able to make it to your area! 


One of the best ways to get to know people and make connections is to share the things we love! I wanted to put together a compilation of the things I use for business, for my lifestyle, and all the things in-between.