The number one most asked question I get when people are scheduling a Self Love Boudoir Session with me is “Do you have any notes on what I should wear?”. So I put together this blog post. What I will say, is that this session is for you. Wear WHATEVER you feel your best, most confident self in. You should feel sexy, comfortable, and excited about what you’re wearing. I also usually recommend bringing something to start in that you feel most comfortable in. Then if there is something that excites you but feels slightly on the side of out of your comfort zone, save that for last. You will see that while yes it is always nerve-wracking at first, you will feel comfortable in no time and you’ll be glad you brought that special outfit.

I plan on consistently adding to this post so that it can be a bit of a guide while you are putting together your outfits for the day, so check back here and there! Thinking you’re ready to book a Self Love Boudoir Session? Fill out my contact form here (:

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for intimate outfits


Victorias Secret


Calvin Klein


Burgundy Fox

Savage X Fendy

Adore Me


Lace Bodysuit

When I purchased this, it was with full intention to wear it for my own boudoir session. Something I probably wouldn't have bought otherwise, but something I felt empowered and sexy in.

Lace Bodysuit

When I purchased this, it was with full intention to wear it for my own boudoir session. Something I probably wouldn't have bought otherwise, but something I felt empowered and sexy in.

No shame in covering up a little!

If you want to rock something over the top sexy like this, but think that you would feel more comfortable to maybe throw a pair of your favorite shorts on over it or something, that is a GREAT way to feel sexy AND comfortable.

A less "over the top sexy" bodysuit

With bodysuits being a top outfit trend right now, you can find them in a huge range of styles and comfort levels. This one which is not see through at all still has a super sexy vibe. Then you can add different layers to dress it up a little.

Treat yourself to a fancy set

I love when I hear that people treated themselves to a matching set that they love for their session. Do we not all feel way better about ourselves when we put on a matching set?! And maybe go that extra mile and get yourself a set that's all the lace and sparkle vibes.

Bridal Boudoir

Are you doing a boudoir session for your upcoming wedding? Why not give your soon to be hubby a sneak peak of what you'll be rocking under your fancy dress!? Add in your veil for an extra bridal vibe. Already married and looking for an excuse to put some of your pretty bridal accessories back on? Anniversary bridal sessions are DEFINITELY a thing and would make a great anni gift. Also...

Wedding shoes

Bring the wedding shoes!!! Your wedding shoes are one of the most feminine parts of your wedding outfit, and usually one of the bigger splurges you made. Shoes aren't usually a thought when planning a boudoir session, but I am a firm believer that they should be.

His Faves

Are you doing this boudoir session with a special guy in mind to give them to? ROCK HIS FAVORITE THINGS! Whether its his favorite pair of panties of yours, or you want to steal a few of his things like a watch or sweatshirt, he will so appreciate the thought you put into doing something with him in mind.

His Jeans

Speaking of stealing your man's clothes, who said you can't rock his jeans?! The oversized look can be SO FUN and definitely sexy with your Calvins peaking out.


Often times so much thought is put into planning the outfit itself for the boudoir session, that little details that can make a huge difference get forgotten. Go through some of your favorite pieces you might not get to wear much because they aren't the most practical because NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME.


Sexy DOES NOT have to mean showing off tons of skin. Maybe find your favorite pair of panties that can peak out here and there and then toss your favorite sweater on overtop.


Rina's session was so stunning, and for half of her session she had a slouchy sweater over her favorite bralette and panties set. Modest, but still so sexy.


Put thought into your makeup look. Whether you are a super minimal makeup person, or you like doing a full face, people often like doing something a little different and special when they have photos done. So either set some time aside to practice and then give yourself plenty of time before the session to ensure you aren't rushed, or hire someone you trust to accentuate your best features and give you the look your dreaming of.

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