I have taken so many “senior portraits” of my sister, and she is a junior… lol. I am so thankful to have someone in my life so willing to help me out when I want to get creative and shoot. It helps that she also happens to be super cool. The only thing bad about this whole scenario is that now my parents are going to have so many super awesome amazing incredible (not to toot my own horn or anything) photos of her and only a few quality ones of me, so everyone is going to start to think she’s the favorite daughter.


Morgan, these are lovely! Awesome use of the space you were in

Your sister is so adorable!! This is an awesome style for senior photography.

These are so great! Glad you got to use such a unique background and make it one of a kind for your sister!
Also, when did high schoolers become so much cooler than us?


Girl I don’t even know. My sister came to Christmas celebrations with black hair with blue highlights and that’s when I knew she was way cooler than me.

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