Now, before I begin talking about Nick and Katies proposal, let me just say really quick…


I remember when Nick texted me telling me he was talking to this girl named Katie and he told me how beautiful and awesome she was and how he couldn’t wait for me to meet her. Well holy heck, here we are now, 5 years later, we all four are best friends and I got to photograph their proposal. We actually pushed our move to Hawaii back a few days because there was no way Anthony and I were going to miss this.

Weeks leading up to this day held a lot of back and forth texting, planning, location scouting and discussing how we would keep this all from Katie. Everything fell into place so perfectly. The lake house was the place hands down. It holds so so so many memories for them and for all of us, and I couldn’t have imagined anywhere else for their perfect day. We planned it by saying that we had to do one last lake house trip before our move to Hawaii, which honestly probably would have happened even if there wasn’t a proposal about to happen. Like I said, the lake house is a special place.

We spent a day and a night there, and then woke up early so that I could photograph their five years of dating… or so Katie thought. Nick had made a playlist for the day, and once “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran started playing, I had Katie turn around and face the lake for this shot, and I asked Anthony to please “fix Nick’s collar”, aka give Nick the ring. I just about started balling right there, because do you see the smile on Nick’s face?! With shaky hands (thank GOD for non-blurry photos), I told Katie I actually wanted her to face Nick for this photo. We watched as she figured out what was actually going on. *Aaaand cue the tears*

The rest of the day was magic. 5 year dating photos turned into proposal turned into engagement photos. We told Katie she wasn’t allowed on her phone the rest of the day while at the lake because their parents had to be the first to know, and Nick wanted to tell them in person. LOL because they already knew and had all their friends and family waiting outside their house with signs and cheers congratulating them. That night I balled my eyes out while saying bye to them, because the next morning we were leaving for our San Francisco trip before Hawaii, and I balled my eyes out again while editing these photos. I cannot wait to hug these two again and then dance our hearts out at their wedding.

Nick and Katie, I love you I love you, and I seriously am so thankful to have been a part of your special day (:

Lots of hugs | Morgan