It is kind of crazy starting my business over in Hawaii, especially because I rely on “word of mouth” advertising. I knew from the beginning it was going to be difficult, but really being here now is making everything sink in. I’m relearning how to put myself out there. So yeah, it has definitely been off to a slow start. At first, I was really beating myself up over it. It is disheartening to go somewhere where no one knows of your or your business. Then I took a step back, and reminded myself of this — I love photography. It is not just my business. It is my favorite hobby, and I am living in one of the world’s most beautiful places. I do not want to spend my time here being upset that I am not this super well known photographer who books shoots all over the world.

I am instead, taking this time to really build my portfolio. I’ve got a lot of ideas for styled shoots, and I also plan on adventuring and capturing Hawaii’s beauty. I want to get back to photography being fun and what I love. So to start it off, I reached out to Anela. I had chatted with her a little before I moved here, because I found her on Instagram and immediately loved her photography style. I told her I would love to do a shoot of her and her hunny, and holy moly am I glad she was into it because she’s got the cutest family!

How lucky am I to have had such a beautiful family on a beautiful day in a beautiful place to kick off my business in Hawaii.

xx | Morgan