I remember when I first thought about getting into Self Love Boudoir photography. It was one of those nights where you can’t sleep, so you start “dreaming” while you are wide awake. Dreaming of how you want to better yourself as a person or in your career and it is all you can think about until you finally drift off to sleep hours later. I am unsure what process of thoughts lead me to want to start offering boudoir style portrait sessions, because I never felt inspired to do so before. I thought where I was located was too conservative to care. I thought it would cause me to lose followers. I thought I would receive no interest. The feeling stuck with me though — It was unshakeable. I posted something that night looking for four women who felt interested. I got an overwhelming amount of feedback, as well as encouragement from people saying they loved that I was starting to offer boudoir packages.


My passion for Self Love Boudoir sessions was obvious from the start and has never stopped growing. Empowering women has become a huge part of my brand. I even dedicated a room in my home as a studio for them, because I wanted women to have a space where they could come and feel comfortable, cared for, and confident.


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